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High School Group Tutoring
J. Williams
In school small group engagement
D. Evans | D-1 Prosspect
P. Jackson | High School Principal
MyGRIT Course Nonprofit Donation Awardee

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Scholarships and ACT Score

Higher test scores mean more scholarship dollars.

A recent survey of college admissions counselors revealed that one of the most important factors in scholarship decisions was the score on a college admissions test. ACT and SAT scores ranked second in the survey, just behind high school GPA. It’s true: higher scores open doors!

Graduation Handshake

An ACT Super Score --Best scores obtained in each section. You may take ACT an unlimited number of times before you enroll full-time in college. If you take either test more than once, the best subscore from different tests are used to meet initial eligibility requirements. Click here for more details

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Online ACT Prep 

Online ACT Course - Subscription

The Online ACT Course subscription includes access to our library of instructional videos and practice guide. We have developed effective strategies that work! 

Higher scores open doors!

Let’s go after those HIGHER SCORES—sign up today!

$29.99 each month

OR for 

$34.99 each month and receive 2 hours of one-on-one virtual during your third month of your subscription (must be paid in three month increments) 

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