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Bring Together Educators Focused On Increasing Critical Thinking Ability

It is essential to recognize how critical-thinking is learned during the educational process for every student.

Identify Mutually Beneficial Collaborations, Tools & Networking

Learning Collaboratively Helps Students, Educators and Student Support Guides.

Illuminate The Impact Of Critical Thinking & Its Role In Learning Readiness For The Creation Of More Independent Self-Directed Learners

Nurturing critical thinking skills is a beneficial practice for everybody and is much needed in all aspects of life.  When students are able to think critically, they make better decisions, and you can see their curiosity change drastically!

Create Effective Teaching Strategies Online & In Classrooms

Educators must be able to stimulate students to think critically about their lessons, homework, and the demonstration of skill mastery.  It is central to students’ being capable of complex thoughts and better problem solvers leading, ultimately, to their success.

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