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About Us


 Critical Thinking and Creation Of 
Independent Self-Directed Learners

Nurturing critical thinking skills is a beneficial practice for everybody and is much needed in all aspects of life.  When students are able to think critically, they make better decisions, and you can see their curiosity change drastically!

Identify Mutually Beneficial Collaborations, Tools & Networking

Learning Collaboratively helps Students, Educators and Parents!  MyGRIT works to stimulate students to think critically about content and to stimulate students' ability to form complex thoughts and problem solve.

 Value Proposition

Our focus is to foster students’ ability to deliberately deploy critical thinking


Our Mission

To help students and other stakeholders learn how to increase student critical thinking ability through deliberate

Effort Learning Actions 

Our Vision

To influence student learning experiences by providing an in-depth understanding of Effort Learning Actions  in order to achieve increased critical thinking outcomes.

We seek to become the ultimate resource that promotes, elevates and encourages mastery learning skills through deliberate process thinking.

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